Analyze Buzz Software | Reviewed

     Analyze Buzz Software | Reviewed

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Analyze Buzz is a software package that you will only get from IM’s (Internet Marketers) during the course of your internet travels. You will find it offered in most of the “giveaway” programs that abound today. Not surprisingly, it can be found bundled as bonuses in One Time Offers (OTO’s) and other incentive projects to entice you into upgrading to a better product to a better product  than the one you have already purchased. Or, as added bonuses to an OTO for sites you have joined by handing over your name and email address. Yes, that was the cost of joining. So as you see, it wasn’t actually “free”!

Analyse Buzz is delivered with “Master Resale Rights” and “Giveaway Rights”. This product has been around for a long time. Its salability is all but lost by the fact that every marketer exercises their “Giveaway Rights”. So, only a “fool” would shell-out hard-earned cash for something they can acquire everywhere for “no out-of-pocket” cost! Consequently, the fact that you are provided “Master Resale Rights” becomes insignificant. Of course, you have the right to sell the product if you can find someone willing to pay for it. Good Luck!

The full Analyze Buzz product being offered also comes with a “free” mini-site. The mini-site package consists of two (2) “Squeeze Pages” (one with and one without video), a “Sales Page” (with video) and the product itself. Before we get into the good and bad, ups and downs of the product itself (the software), let’s first take a look at the mini-site on offer. One very good reason a lot of people would consider this product is the inclusion of the mini-site. Many have no HTML programming experience and the thought of designing and programming a web page is just too much for them to handle. This makes this offer seem very attractive – a product and a complete web site. All is designed and wrapped together in a single ready to go package.

I have opened this package, as I must to properly review and report on it, with the following comments:

The Marketing Tools:

On the up side:

1. The actual mini-website is very professionally designed.

2.The graphics are excellent.

3. The included video (yes only one) is also very professionally crafted. No doubt, at one point, when the product was actually being sold, an upmarket video was created. It is fully capable of delivering your desired result; a “sign-up”!

On the down side:

1. The “Sales Page” is of no use since the product is given away all over the internet. You won’t make much money trying to sell it!

2. While the mini-site is professionally put together, only the “Squeeze Pages” are of any value today. Additionally, each module is delivered in its own folder which indicates some work will be required to place it on a server in working order. To do so depends on one’s level of knowledge. Apparently, this is not a job for the internet “novice”. However, that being said, some hosting companies will assist clients with these tasks at no charge while others will have moderate charges for such services. With this, or some other kind of assistance, a “novice” would be able to get a website up and working fairly quickly.

3. “Squeeze Page 1” is beautifully constructed and the included video is excellent. However, the page is geared in the direction of someone who understands the “lingo” using phrases like: “Allinanchor”, “Inurl” and “Allintitle” in the copy. Surely someone who understands these terms will have the knowledge to craft their own mini-WebPages given the many easy ti learn and use tools available for such purposes. Additionally, the page requires the user to “insert opt-in form here”. Oh my; some HTML coding knowledge required after all. In essence, the page is probably not very useful to the internet marketing “novice”.

4. “Squeeze Page 2”, on the other hand, is not as beautiful (personal opinion) as its counterpart but contains as many if not more flaws. “Insert Your Software Name Here” is a phrase immediately above the product’s graphics box; yet the product name is clearly visible in the graphic. Then we have statements: “ask them to click on the payment button if you’re selling it” – “Insert your autoresponder code here or payment button” – “Insert your name here”! Again, this page is probably not very useful to the computer “novice”!

The package, however, could be useful to someone with a little internet marketing experience and some understanding of HTML coding. As stated, “Squeeze Page 1” is attractive with a very good quality video and with some tweaking would serve its purpose; getting the name and email address from persons interested in acquiring the software.

The mini-site part of the package is not geared to the “novice” internet marketer, but could be of value to the more advanced. Only half the package is of any useful value today! That being said, in the right hands, the half that is of value could prove useful. Also, remember, one needs their own “hosting” for the package to be of any value at all.

The Software:

I have installed and run the software – Analyze Buzz. Remarkably, it works!

Follow the directions in the included “.pdf” instruction file and your keyword entries yield a result. However, I have compared the results it reports against results reported using the “google adwords keyword tool” and the figures reported are quite different. In fact, the categories of reported results are different. For instance, the “google tool” reports “Global Monthly Searches” and “Local Monthly Searches” while the “analyze buzz tool” reports “Total Results” and other completely different categories. Amazingly, in the search for the keyword “Software”, the “google tool” indicates “Global Monthly Searches” as 68,000,000, but the “analyze buzz tool” indicates “Total Searches” as 1,590,000,000.

One of the reporting categories in the “analyze buzz tool” is “AllInTitle”. The number rendered for the keyword “ebook review” is 167,000. This would indicate there are 167,000 pages on the internet that use that keyword in the “title” of their page. Of course, this type of information is useful. But, the object of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to determine the competition for a given keyword. In essence, how many people type the keyword in their browser search box when looking for information. The number of pages available on the internet with the searched for keyword in their title is of no value in determining the popularity of the searched for keyword.

Analyze Buzz appears to be reporting results in areas the have little first line SEO importance. In fact, the reported results appear to be very similar to a secondary SEO keyword tool names SEOQuake. We call this a secondary tool because it allows us to gain more in-depth information about a tested keyword after having determined its popularity of use (the users search criteria). What we want to know in SEO is: how many people use the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN and others) using “X” as the keyword typed into the search box. That is where SEO analysis begins! Analyze Buzz just doesn’t provide that information!

SEO is the basis under which most marketers rely when planning keywords for their pages. It is said and believed that proper page optimization (as one of many factors) assists any page to reach higher positions in returned results from searches. Every marketer is looking to make it to position one (1) for their page(s) in the search engines. That, simply put, means that when a person types a given word in their browser’s search box, the marketers page will be the first listed in the results returned. Traffic to pages is believed to be determined by such position ranking. Obviously, if your page is constantly returned (appears on the first page of a search result), you (in theory) should get more visitor to your site. It is believed that most people conducting searches rarely look past the first two or three pages of the results returned. So, if your site is listed on page 5 of the returned results for a given keyword, fewer people will have the opportunity to see your offering and visit your site.

Given these beliefs (which have proven true over the years), who can rely on inaccurate information being returned by a tool which is supposed to assist one in making informed decisions with regard to selecting keywords for their pages. More importantly, a tool which provides information that is of very little assistance in selecting that all important keyword for a page.

The question: Is the information reported by Analyze Buzz the best information to use in selecting a keyword.?

I’m no SEO expert but have completed some study in the area. That being said, under no circumstance would I recommend reliance upon the Analyze Buzz tool when conducting SEO operations! It appears to be used by marketers as an attempt to trick you into thinking it will get you the search engine results you need and propel your pages to the top of the search engine rankings. Yes, it is easy to use. However the reported results are of little first line value to your intended purpose!

Yes, these marketers will provide you the tool at no out-of-pocket cost. Guess…what?

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is absolutely FREE! It is also recognized as the “authority” tool to use for keyword research. That’s right, absolutely free! You do not have to give your name or email address to use the tool and it is freely available on the internet. Use any browser to search for it – type google adwords keyword tool in the search box and from the returned results, select any page listed as originating at “google” (.com, .co, etc.) any you will be instantly taken to the tool. Use it to your heart’s content – FREE!

In Conclusion:

Analyze Buzz is a working piece of software but its reported results do not provide first line SEO information. The information it does report could be helpful as a secondary factor in keyword selection provided one has confidence in the accuracy of the results reported. The package that accompanies this software has its good and bad points as are identified above. The real problem exists in realizing: If the product is of little value to meet the hype of the writings in the package, why would one want to recommend the product in the fist place?

You can rest assured, not many of the marketers giving away this package have the program installed on their own computers and not many of them have ever used the product. They, as most of the world, rely on Google’s Adword Keyword Took to conduct their keyword analysis. Most are “affiliate” marketers who have picked up the product at one of those “Giveaway Programs” or as a “Bonus” when making a purchase or giving away their own names and email addresses to other marketers. Instead of testing and trying the software before putting their name to it, they offer it at “no out-of-pocket” cost using terminology like “free” in an attempt to entice you into turning over either your name and email address or your hard-earned cash!

For me, I have removed the software from my test PC and trashed its accompanying mini-site package. If you have installed the program on your computer I would recommend you follow a like course of action. If you have acquired it but not yet installed it, DON’T! If you intend to give it away, make sure it is to an enemy!

Stick to the industry “authority” toll – Google Adwords Keyword Tool and you will have your best chance of optimizing your pages!

We welcome and respect your comments on this review…contrary or not…

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All The Best…Until Next Time…

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