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Really – A Home Based Business?

It is no secret, the economy is in turmoil. People, all over the world, are looking for alternative ways to make ends meet. In normal times one would just look for a second job. But with unemployment at an all time high, second jobs are just not that easy to find. Today, it’s not just “keeping up with the Joneses”, it’s more a matter of survival.

With things the way they are, more and more people are turning to the idea of starting their own business. Trouble meeting current bills, however, rules out the old-fashioned “let’s go find some cheap office space” idea. Instead, they are looking to start a business from home. On the face of it this makes sense since they are already paying for rent (or mortgage), electric, water, heat and other associated bills that would be incurred for an office outside the home. Most people are not looking to become next year’s champion of industry, just to make enough to keep up with their overheads and put food on the table for their families. Just to make some extra cash!

Currently, there are literally millions of people who find themselves in this position. With regular employment being scarce and more and more jobs drying up daily, many people are looking at the Internet as their last salvation. Already have a computer so why not put it to work without incurring additional overhead costs? Everyone’s heard the stories about the so-called “Gurus” who have made fortunes overnight from Internet Marketing. Why shouldn’t it be your turn to cash in on that action; if only for a small piece? Just enough to make ends meet until the economy stabilizes and the financial concerns you have today go away! Will that be tomorrow, the day after, next month or next year? No-one can truly answer that question, but if you can just get by until then – right?

Most of the people in this position are in for a big shock! Little known or publicized fact: “over 97% of the people who engage in work at home Internet Marketing programs fail miserably”. The main reason most fail is because they lack the knowledge to succeed! Of secondary concern is that they believe the “hype” promulgated by those same “Gurus”: to be successful at Internet Marketing takes “no effort”. “Plug this program into your PC and with just one click thousands could be yours”. The operational words of course are: “could be”!

Believing this hype, these individuals join a program, put a week or two of effort into it, push a lot more than one button, make little or no money in return and quit! In the interim, they recruit some family and friends, usually in a similar financial position, are unable to build upon that following and in the end find it is not enough to keep them motivated so they give up that program. Only to be sucked into another “get rich quick” with no effort, experience, or knowledge scheme. In some cases this cycle continues for some time before they become totally dismayed and finally give up for good.

Oh yes, their mentors have a proven program that will provide them all the help, assistance and knowledge they need to succeed. It’s so easy a child can be successful at this program. There are hundreds of other people waiting in line to join us. Get in before they do and get a jump on the cue. When others sign-up they’ll be placed under you in your down-line and you will earn from their efforts. Now that you have signed up free, here is an upgrade offer that is sure to make you even more successful than we told you before. Or, by upgrading now you are going to save a bundle later. This offer is only available now, it’s a One Time Offer! Upgrade your membership for only “xx.xx” dollars a month and instead of 30% on your sales and 5% on the sales of your down-line (that we are going to place under you with no work or effort on your part), you will earn 50% on your own sales and 10% on the sales of your down-line. That’s twice as much commission for no extra effort!

The sad part is that million of people all over the world believe this hype and pay out hard-earned and much-needed cash in response. As stated, it is proven, over 97% of those people will fail.

You see, most of them lack the knowledge necessary to generate an ongoing following which is vitally important to succeeding and getting their business off the ground. Do they realize that? Of course not! They are blinded by their need to generate cash to meet their current needs. It is easier to believe the hype than to use the common sense they were born with. After all, it’s possible to take a school qualified accountant with no knowledge of anything mechanical and instantly teach him, day one, to repair a car, isn’t it? Just hook-up these two wires, here and here, to any vehicle that needs repair and sit back while the machine you hooked it up to does all the work. Then get paid for your effort and expertise! Ridiculous!

That’s what these “Gurus” are saying and millions fall for that hype everyday making the “Gurus” richer and the intelligent yet unsuspecting, financially distressed public poorer. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is always one in a million that will succeed in pulling it off and make some decent money. Rest assured, the “Gurus” will use that person’s success to promote their hyped program even more. I’ll bet, in most of those success cases, if one looks into the persons background, they’ll find some prior business experience or training. Even if it is their continued failure at Internet Marketing. Because in failing one learns powerful lessons!

Internet Marketing is just like “brick and mortar” businesses. There are required ingredients that need to be in place and exist to breed success. Some ingredients are in the persona of the individual while others are set in stone requirements for a successful business venture. The ingredient required in the individual starts with hard work (not one click) and continues through attitude, tenacity, perseverance and a host of other personal qualities. If these are not present, just like in a brick and mortar business the person and business will fail. Would you pay over your money to set-up a coffee-house; rent, furnishings, electrical appliance, etc. then sit in your shop window expecting the world to come rushing in? Of course not! You would understand it will take all of your persona, and then some, to get that business off the ground. But at least, if you started-off knowing how to make the coffee you’d have a beginning.

Would-be Internet Marketers need this same beginning. Reliance upon the “Guru” or “mentor” for everything you need to be successful is fool-hearty. They will be busy selling their hype elsewhere, no doubt leaving you with written manuals, on-line tutorials and inexperienced support personnel to attend to your questions and needs. This done in order to meet their commitment to work with you every step of the way. Don’t be sucked in by these programs. Don’t let an over-enthusiastic friend, acquaintance or stranger for that matter suck you into the hype. Step back and use the common sense you were born with to evaluate what’s on offer.

As a general rule, if the offer consists of something you “must” act on today or you will lose some type of benefit (make less money, lose out on a down-line, etc.) you’d probably be better off taking a pass. If the offer were good enough to get your interest in the first place, why the immediacy? Why can’t you think about it over-night? Will the offer be any less genuine tomorrow? What annoys me most is the current One Time Offer trend found all over the Internet today. If they can offer it once, why not continuously? If the upgrade is beneficial, why can’t it wait until after you have made some money?

And, don’t be deceived by those included “bonuses” if you take advantage today, now! Most of them are outdated products that have been around for years (whether you have seen them or not) in their original containers and/or repackaged. In fact, after downloading some of them you will immediately be directed to a free upgraded version. Why not deliver the upgraded version in the first place? More than likely it’s because the older, outdated version has been sitting on their server for years and can be delivered very quickly and without much effort. Beware of many of the “Master Resale Rights” products offered. In like instance, many have been around for years and are currently being offered as “free” bonuses in most of the current promotions which negates their usefulness to you because you can not sell them. Why would someone pay you for something others are giving away free…all over town?

Remember also, most of the people that will enter that program are just like you. They are trying to find a way out of their financial distress. Like you they will become quickly dismayed and abandon the project. Like you, they’re not prepared to put in the effort required to succeed having swallowed the “one click is all it takes” mentality. The “Gurus” know that from the outset and that is why they are willing to place them under you instead of keeping them under their own wing. Besides, placing them under you relieves them of any responsibility for training. They are in your organization so training falls on you! Are you prepared for that?

If you want to endeavour into Internet Marketing you are best advised to first learn what it is all about. What is needed to be successful? Not just within your own persona, but the “engraved in stone” requirements. Once you understand what is necessary to be successful at Internet Marketing you may change your mind about entering it.

If you are prepared to put in many long, hard hours behind your PC, constantly recruiting, continuously looking for new customers, developing email and advertising campaigns, scouring for new products, learning website creation (some programming) and many other skills, then Internet Marketing may just be your cup of tea. But like anything else, Internet Marketing starts with education. Learning the ingredients necessary to be successful. Just because you own a PC and have access to the Internet will not make you a successful Internet Marketer and to believe it will, dooms you to be part of the 97% group.

You may be thinking “create a website”, but they said they would provide me with one and they would pay for the hosting. And they will. But answer this: “When is the last time someone gave you something for nothing”? Those sites are not made for you. They are made for the “Guru” offering them to you.

Each and every product listed on “your site” represents a potential affiliate income to the person providing you the site. In essence, every time your efforts get someone to the site who makes a purchase you get paid, but so does the person providing you the site.

That being the case, I would be willing to give you 100 sites today since I can host that many without any additional costs from my hosting company. You do all the work! You drive the traffic! You get me the sales. We’ll both make some money. You on each of the sites I gave you, but only if purchases are made. Me on your sites and the hundreds of other sites I will give away.

Since I own the site, should you drop out of the program, I have it back to give to someone else. And, have you ever noticed, you get a commission for any sales from the sites provided to you, but none of the details of the purchaser! The person who provided the site keeps them!

So, you do the advertising, instigate the flow of traffic to the sites, get a commission for any sale, while the site provider does no work, collects his share of the sale, delivers the product (usually electronically and automatically – no work except to set it up) and keeps the customer details to be able to market to them after you are long gone. Want a site like that? Contact me at any time I’d be happy to accommodate you!

You want to become an Internet Marketer? Start by learning what the business is all about. How it works. What is required to be successful. Then, and only then, if you wish to pursue that avenue, use that understanding to find a Home Based Business offer that meets your requirements, provides the ingredients necessary for your success, offers mentoring by knowledgeable professionals who will be available to you when needed and by all means promotes a worthwhile product.

Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in the hype! There is no magic bullet. You will not cure your financial problems using “one click” and there is no such thing as “easy”!


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