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Video Web Wizard is a great little program that allows you to covert almost any video into the FLV file format. The FLV is the file format is required if you want to upload your videos to YouTube and some other video hosting websites. Generally, only the very expensive video cameras offer to store or save files in the FLV standard.

Video Web Wizard will convert your existing videos with other file extensions into the FLV standard instantly. It allows the user full control over the output process. You have a choice of audio quality, play delay time, frame rate and more with regard to the output file.

Video Web Wizard is delivered with its own singular video player shell, but when you register the product there is an upload for an additional 8 skins. Amazingly, they are delivered at no additional charges and there is no up-sell provided when you register the product!

In performance, Video Web Wizard works as advertised. It will deliver a final FLV video in an amazingly short period of time. The conversion process is almost instant depending on the size of the original video file, and takes place without user intervention.

The output file in our testing process was a very high quality video file. In fact, we selected a higher than normal audio compression and it actually cleared up what was some horrible noise in the original file. The interface was simple and easy to understand and use. Tell the program the location of the file you want converted and the location of where it should place the converted files. Make some other adjustments in the interface with regard to how you want the final video to be presented, one click and that’s about it.

The documentation accompanying the program is simple, authoritative, written in plain English and easy to follow. The program touts its ability to create a singular web-page, fresh and new, that the user can upload to any server for delivery of the output video file on ones own website. Again, a few simple entries into the interface and the web-page is output along with the final converted FLV file.

Although the web-page itself is simple and would not serve a commercial use, it is sufficient for the average non-commercial user. The manual actually instructs the user on how to go about doing just that!

If we have any criticism of the package, it would be in the manner the manual handles and describes the web-page process. It makes it sound simple. Just upload the output files to a server. As we all know, nothing with regard to the Internet is actually simple! Copying and pasting as described in the manual just doesn’t work to expectation.

Although we had no difficulty in the upload process as described in the manual, once on the Internet, the player would not come alive to play our video. It took one of our expert programmers to figure the problem out and correct it.

That being said, Video Web Wizard turned out to be one of those software packages we would easily recommend. It’s intuitive, easy to understand and use and lives up to the advertising hype surrounding its release. It will easily covert a present video format to the FLV standard that is required for uploading a video to most video hosts (such as YouTube). In some instances it will improve audio within a video (although there is no mention of this in the advertising). It will create a web-page for delivery to your own hosting, but you will probably require some expert advice and help in making the uploaded page actually play your video.

A quick search through any search engine will return a myriad number of download sites offering this product at no cost – free! We were only able to find one site, during our search, that also offered you help and assistance if you required it. Unfortunately, that site offered the product at a small price.

If you are expert at coding or reading code and fully understand what is necessary to get video to work on the Internet, by all means go to one of the sites offering a free download.

On the other hand, if you are like most of us, a bit confused about such matters, we think you’d be wise and we would recommend you download from the site that offers full support for the product and pay the small fee requested!

That’s our opinion……What’s yours? Feel free to leave a comment about this post below and while you’re at it, go ahead and subscribe to this blog……it’s free!

All The Best!

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