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Ron ImageHaving trouble designing your Facebook Fanpage? In the end it just won’t work? Look no further, here’s the real scoop!

We scoured the net looking for program(s) that would assist us in designing and putting-up a Facebook Fan Page. Of course, it had to be the new iFrame type page as FBML is no longer allowed for new pages. As usual, we looked past all those programs that required an immediate payment be made and if they work like most we found, you can believe we were glad to have made that decision.

Instead, we opted for programs that would allow us to get a page up and running at no original cost, even if a payment (recurring or otherwise) would be required later. In the process we spent over two weeks attempting this creation and decided to share our results to spare our readers some heartbreak!

We’re not going to mention names since it is not our intention to downbeat any program, but suffice it to say that in several cases the programs just don’t work! Or, the instruction is impossible to understand! We continue to wait for responses from three (3) support organizations to our queries! Those programs may (or may not) work, it is impossible to say. But, we abandoned them since no assistance was evident. I mean, two weeks and still no answer? Who are these marketers kidding?

One word of advice. If you are looking for this type of solution, make sure you are dealing with the program originator, or at least, a marketer who has used the program personally. Not some marketer who has picked-up the program just to make money from its sale! Yes, we also wrote to the program marketers…without reply!

The Low Down:

There are two types of programs available to complete your Fan Page delivery. Your selection will be determined by your situation. Facebook requires that your iFrame data be stored on your own server. No, not your computer…your “server”. This requires that you have a “hosted” account with an ISP (Internet Service Provider). In essence, your own website. Or that you use a website belonging to someone else. The programs found for you and reported on below are both “free” to use.

Program 1 – Ignite Your Fan Page:

The first program would be useful to those of you who do not have your own website. Be advised, however, that although the program will get you started at no financial cost, it is limited to one or two pages (I don’t remember how many). The eventual charge is reasonable since you will be storing your files on the program originator’s server.

Of course, you will be limited in some manner concerning your storage, either by MB allowed or size of images uploaded, check that out when inquiring. Clicking the image to your right will take you to the sales page (term used lightly – it’s free)!

The program provides step-by-step video instruction to get you up and running very quickly. The “free” version limits you to a standard template while the paid versions allow some template flexibility. I suggest you start with the “free” version to insure the program will meet your continuing needs. Also of mention is the fact that our one query with the program was answered within a few short hours of sending an email. The program originator also offered a telephone contact (free via Skype) if additional assistance was required. You won’t find better customer support than that anywhere!

Oh, ladies…don’t fall in love with the video presenter…I believe you’ll find he is a professional actor. He’s just too polished a presenter to be the program originator!

Be aware also, like with most “hosted programs”, should the vendor cease operations your Fan Pages won’t work. On the other hand, this is a great alternative when you don’t have your own website.

Program 2 – Fanpage Connect:

We opted to use this program instead of the Ignite program. Mainly for overall control reasons. This program integrates seamlessly with most “blog” programs  and we believe it was created for use with WordPress specifically. Whether it will work with a non-blog website we have not investigated. However, most Internet marketers today have a blog somewhere on the Internet.

Fanpage Connect is for persons who have their own website, thereby having the means to host their own files. The program required that you install a “plugin” on your server. If you are using a hosted blog such as, you must check whether you have the ability to upload and install “plugins” to it. If not, Ignite may be your better choice.

The program is delivered via download and ready to install on your server. There are video instructions for all aspects of the installation process. They are clear and concise and we needed no further guidance so we never attempted to contact support and therefore, cannot comment on that aspect. The program originator appears to be the voice on the video as you will tell he is not a professional actor. Although the instruction is a bit “muddled” in parts,  it is sufficient to get you up and running quickly.

This program can be downloaded and registered without any financial cost. We would say free, but you will have to hand over your name and email address in the process. Then again, that is a small price to pay in this instance since you can opt-out of any continuing email notices without penalty if you choose.

Since you own the program, once registered, you can host all of the necessary files and create as many pages and tabs with it as you like. To see a working Fanpage using this software CLICK HERE then click on the EARN FAST CASH tab in the left margin.

If you decide to download, set-up and use this software program and need assistance feel free to contact us. Also, take a moment and complete the subscribe form in the upper right corner of this page. Your comments below are always welcome.

All The Best!

About Ron Terre

Last remaining original member of a band known as "The Drifters" 68 years young! Currently touring internationally and residing in Bulgaria. My hobby,,,conducted in my spare internet marketing. I am a computer programmer, systems annalist and past owner of Friendly Computer Services. My goal is to share my knowledge with others to assist them in any internet endeavours they may have.
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5 Responses to Free Facebook FanPage Software

  1. thx for information…this really to support me…

  2. Krucial Skb says:

    Thank you for this post.. i am allways looking for ways to make my fanpages look much better..
    You should post paid programs as well if you did any research on those cheap ones.. Thanks again for your post..
    Many blessings

  3. Jay says:

    Thanks for this. What is the difference between Fanpage Connect and the Facebook WordPress plugins?

    • Ron Terre says:

      Hi Jay…We are not familiar with the wordpress plugin you mention…However, Fanpage Connect is also a wordpress plugin…it will create a page for you (Timeline Ready) and you will be able to have a 2 tier page…If someone has not yet “liked” your page you can offer them 1 set of content (a free gift or reason to like your page)…Once they have “liked” your page you can offer them access to a totally different set of content…There is a “pro” version available…but we recommend you start with the “free” version and upgrade if you feel the program is beneficial to your efforts…Thanks for your inquiry…All The Best!

  4. software says:

    Thanks for this. What is the difference between Fanpage and the WordPress plugins?

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