How To Spot The New Internet Marketing Scams

The purpose of this article is to provide an understanding of how internet marketing is being used today and how you can see through the bad stuff when you see it.

Last year there were countless amounts of products released and this year, in January alone, countless more. They’re introduced using “blind” sales letters that promise the reader they can merely “click their mouse” and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars will come their way. These letters, however, always fail to tell you “what you are purchasing”!

Although these scams have been going on for a long while, they have only become prevalent since the beginning of the big recession. Millions, all over the world, are caught in losing their employment, foreclosures on their homes, not being able to meet car payments and a hosts of other unpaid bills. In essence, loads of people find themselves in desperate need of extra cash. Cash that was part of their salaries before the recession. More and more, these people are now looking to the internet for salvation. However, most are new to internet marketing and desperate to learn the in’s and out’s. To acquire the information and tools to succeed. In contrast, it’s not only the “newbies” who get taken in. Many a seasoned marketer has been known to get stung by these scams as well. Why? Simply because the buyers of their merchandise believe the promises in a search for HOPE!

Here’s How These Scammers Operate:

Firstly, understand, these merchants cater to the negative emotions of their prey. Things like desperation and frustration! Their sales pitches are geared to offering the dream of a way out of personal depression and a relief from daily financial grief. They launch product after product (with little time between these launches) since none of their efforts are continuing or sustainable. They offer no personal instruction or seminars since they are too busy with the next product launch. Why is a singular launch effort not sustainable to them? Simply because their product (or system they sell) WILL NOT WORK!

The main effort of these merchants is to find out what you will fall for (buy) and then mastermind a sales process to get you on board. After their master plan is formulated, only then do they attempt to create a product to meet their own sales hype. It’s generally just some cleverly thought out piece of “junk” merchandise developed at little cost. In essence, a product designed to meet their already configured marketing plan with the view of “ripping you off”!

The “product” only has to be good-enough to avoid an avalanche of people demanding refunds. The fact is…they count on the proven fact that most buyers never attempt to use the product. To them, the hype and sales pitch come first with the actual product remaining secondary. They’re selling you a “pipe-dream”!

The product you actually purchase is a “teaser”. It’s designed to just get you started with the concepts, but insures you are unable to apply them. That is, unless you give-in and purchase their “up-sell” product(s). Oh yes, the original product is generally moderately priced…get the hooks in. You know, $27  to $47 or so, affordable to most. Then, of course, comes the up-sell. The original product is designed and priced to suck as many people as possible into this “up-sell”; “The Better Version”, “Comes With…”, “The Diamond Membership Gives You…”; but your original offer was the “Bees-Knees”, wasn’t it?

Yes, that’s the proverbial OTO (one Time Offer)…see my last post.

What You Need To Succeed Online:

In order to make money online you need two basic things: (1) a website and (2) traffic to your website. While it is possible to automate (get things to happen without your personal attention), I have not found to date ANY product able of combining both of these elements into a single “hands off” approach. In essence, no matter what someone might tell you, you are going to have to work at one of these elements. If not personally, then you need either partners or staff to help.

Oh yes, you can purchase a “ready-made” website. There is available traffic building software that will automatically assist in building you traffic. However, they are almost never capable of delivering 100% of what you will require to be successful at internet marketing. You are still going to have to put in some effort and do some work. On the other hand, if a program offers to take care of one of these elements, it can’t be all bad. After all, while you may have to do some work, some of it will be completed by the program. You should know, there are some very good programs available that can assist you (cutting down the required time and effort you may have to put in – or at a minimum, making your tasks quite a bit easier). The reality is: there is no singular program, piece of software, or other “magic wand” available today that can or will accomplish both!

Simply put…Botton Line:

Beware of anyone who purports “Everything Is Automated”, “It Will Work With The Simple Click Of A Mouse”! That system DOES NOT EXIST and should it, IT DOES NOT WORK!

How can you tell and weed-out these scam operations?

Read the sales copy – generally it is completely blind. It never tells you what the product really is (what you are buying). It will probably tell you everything the product is not. It will most likely let you know all the thing you don’t have to do personally without mentioning all the things you must do personally. It’s a piece of software, but miraculously, there are only “XX” copies available. (Note: Ever made a CD? You are copying the program from your hard drive [or other media] to your CD/DVD drive on your computer. Most copy software asks, when it completes the copy, “do you want to make another copy”. So, where is the scarcity in the availability of the program on offer?)

Another telltale pointer to a scammer is to see the same marketer launching product after product, month after month. Imagine the time, not to mention expense, involved in creating a product, testing it, developing a sales campaign, etc. If product number one worked, why would a marketer have to do this. They would live very happily, for a while at least, on the back of their successful product: number one. Hey, there’s money in sales seminars (teaching people how to use their product in all the varying market niches), setting up affiliate programs allowing others to sell to the millions of people they can’t reach. So, why another product launch?

Another sign is available if a marketer offers income proof. Line after line or screen after screen of his clickbank or paypal account. Ask yourself this: “When is the last time Donald Trump or any other real millionaire offered you a look at their income statement?” Or better yet: “When is the last time your boss offered you a look at their paycheck?” It just isn’t done! Income is private for most of us. So, what’s this tactic all about (and mind you I’m not saying those earnings are all made up)? The tactic is playing on your frustration. If I can do it…you can too! Some will even say: “I’ll show you how”! So, your circumstances are identical, your education is the same, your internet knowledge is comparable, etc…right?

So what should you look for?

The sales copy should inform you as to exactly what you are buying. What do you get for your money? It should specify and give details of the various components you will receive and give detailed explanations of what each is, as well as, what it is for. It should tell you what you don’t have to do, but it should also explain what you DO have to do.

Here’s a golden rule: ““If the sales copy doesn’t identify exactly what you are buying – run away fast!”

I’ll Just Stop Buying From The Internet!

Now, that’s the other side of stupid! You will need the knowledge (gotten from the information in reputable eBooks), tools (many of which can only be purchased over the internet), experience (accumulated from seminars or webinars) and many other assets to be successful as an internet marketer. I’m not saying you should stop buying from the internet. I’m simple making you aware that many of the internet marketers around today, in this new generation, are nothing more than scam artists out to get your dollars in their pockets. They do not care if you can or can’t afford it. They offer no assistance, empathy or compassion. This article should provide you some enlightenment in weeding out their offers. The best way to teach them a lesson is to: “Stop Buying Their Stuff”!

OK! That’s it! It’s getting late and I have rattled on enough. All without mentioning selling you anything! Don’t worry, that’s not what this blog is about! But, you can do us a favour. Please post your comments below. We do want to know what you think!

The first actual review of a “Free Software” product will be out later this week. So, come back often and don’t be afraid to leave your comments!


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Welcome to Free Software Reviewed. This blog is meant for the millions of people who acquire a piece of “free” Software offered on the internet. It is also for those persons looking to acquire  a piece of “free” Software from the internet. Here we will review the Software’s usability and intent and report on its delivery and usefulness.

Setting up and using software, or any other materials for that matter, can be quite time-consuming. Why waste your time downloading free software, reading through the instructions (which for the most part can not be understood by most), attempting to install the program and use it when in the end it turns out to be: (1) not what you really needed or expected; and (2) just doesn’t work?

First you need to understand: “The the software offered Is Not Free“!

It may be at no financial cost, but it is NOT free! Before you can get your hands on that desired material you will, no doubt, be required to hand over your Name and your eMail Address. These are precious commodities and every internet marketer wants to get their hands on them. Why? So they can bombard you with constantly flowing email offers that crowd your inbox and wear at your patience. I have an email address that I hadn’t used for almost 4 years. When I decided to start using it again (about 2 months ago), I found I had over 50,000 emails piled up in there. Over the years, email marketers have continued to send me offers. Although I never responded to any, apparently the emails kept on flowing. I finally managed to empty that box, yet I  still receive (from the same marketers) over 200 emails daily. One would think by now they would have purged their email systems of non-responders!

You should also know about the “OTO’s” (One Time Offers)! These seem to be abundant  today. Some even have secondary OTO’s…that is…if you try to move on past the first OTO another page appears offering you the same OTO (identical) at a fraction of the cost of the first OTO. Apparently these tactics work or why would marketers continue them? And most of the OTO’s say something like…”Purchase This and Get All These Items Free”! What are the items? Free eBooks or free software products! Think about this. If you are given 5 software products, free for your purchase, when would you have the time to implement them? Do you really need the software on offer? Will it work? How much time will it take you to understand how to use the software? If you are given 20 eBooks free for your purchase when will you have time to read them? Mostly, these items will just take up space on your hard drive until one day you dispose of them! So…Why were they so valuable in the first place?

Why am I qualified to present these reviews? I’m not going to write here what is said somewhere else…so if you want the answer to that question…wander on over to my “about me” page. Needless to say, what I am proposing to accomplish with this blog is to save many of you the aggravation associated with acquiring these items if they are not what you are looking for. Additionally, we will report on the completeness of the information presented and provide resources that may fill the gap left by most of these materials.

For instance…I recently downloaded a piece of “Free Software”. The advertised purpose of the program was to install a widget that would present “affiliate links” on my WordPress Blog. I read through all of the instruction materials, finding them quite difficult to follow  even with my computer savvy, and once working (about 5 hours later) decided to have a go at installing that ability on my blog. Problem, there were no instructions received for “How To Do That”!

So, like any reputable person would do, I contacted WordPress Support to get instructions. Low and behold, WordPress doesn’t allow that type of program to be installed on a Free WordPress Site ( If I want that functionality, I will have to use the site, pay for independent hosting, etc. Funny, no mention of that in the instructions received or in the advert for the “Free Software”!

Now don’t be deceived…I do NOT pretend to be a Guru…nor have I made a million dollars doing internet marketing, and I certainly won’t make that kind of money doing a  free blog. But then…it was never my intention to become an internet millionaire! I have had some sites online and they have done very well. I do have computer experience and marketing know-how. This blog will utilize those experiences to report on the products marketers are offering you at “no Cost” (NOT Free) and their usefulness. You decide whether or not to pursue acquiring them!

In addition, should the software reviewed leave out the important stuff (the where – how & what to’s), we will try to provide you with those left-out resources. The first software review is currently in process and a report should be posted here about findings within the next week. Readers are free to submit reviews if they want to take the time to write them. Requests for reviews will be accepted and acted on as time permits.

Please use this Contact Form to submit requests:

You will be contacted by email with my email address. Be Prepared to attach and forward any product to be reviewed.

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