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Free Facebook FanPage Software

Ron ImageHaving trouble designing your Facebook Fanpage? In the end it just won’t work? Look no further, here’s the real scoop!

We scoured the net looking for program(s) that would assist us in designing and putting-up a Facebook Fan Page. Of course, it had to be the new iFrame type page as FBML is no longer allowed for new pages. As usual, we looked past all those programs that required an immediate payment be made and if they work like most we found, you can believe we were glad to have made that decision.

Instead, we opted for programs that would allow us to get a page up and running at no original cost, even if a payment (recurring or otherwise) would be required later. In the process we spent over two weeks attempting this creation and decided to share our results to spare our readers some heartbreak!

We’re not going to mention names since it is not our intention to downbeat any program, but suffice it to say that in several cases the programs just don’t work! Or, the instruction is impossible to understand! We continue to wait for responses from three (3) support organizations to our queries! Those programs may (or may not) work, it is impossible to say. But, we abandoned them since no assistance was evident. I mean, two weeks and still no answer? Who are these marketers kidding?

One word of advice. If you are looking for this type of solution, make sure you are dealing with the program originator, or at least, a marketer who has used the program personally. Not some marketer who has picked-up the program just to make money from its sale! Yes, we also wrote to the program marketers…without reply!

The Low Down:

There are two types of programs available to complete your Fan Page delivery. Your selection will be determined by your situation. Facebook requires that your iFrame data be stored on your own server. No, not your computer…your “server”. This requires that you have a “hosted” account with an ISP (Internet Service Provider). In essence, your own website. Or that you use a website belonging to someone else. The programs found for you and reported on below are both “free” to use.

Program 1 – Ignite Your Fan Page:

The first program would be useful to those of you who do not have your own website. Be advised, however, that although the program will get you started at no financial cost, it is limited to one or two pages (I don’t remember how many). The eventual charge is reasonable since you will be storing your files on the program originator’s server.

Of course, you will be limited in some manner concerning your storage, either by MB allowed or size of images uploaded, check that out when inquiring. Clicking the image to your right will take you to the sales page (term used lightly – it’s free)!

The program provides step-by-step video instruction to get you up and running very quickly. The “free” version limits you to a standard template while the paid versions allow some template flexibility. I suggest you start with the “free” version to insure the program will meet your continuing needs. Also of mention is the fact that our one query with the program was answered within a few short hours of sending an email. The program originator also offered a telephone contact (free via Skype) if additional assistance was required. You won’t find better customer support than that anywhere!

Oh, ladies…don’t fall in love with the video presenter…I believe you’ll find he is a professional actor. He’s just too polished a presenter to be the program originator!

Be aware also, like with most “hosted programs”, should the vendor cease operations your Fan Pages won’t work. On the other hand, this is a great alternative when you don’t have your own website.

Program 2 – Fanpage Connect:

We opted to use this program instead of the Ignite program. Mainly for overall control reasons. This program integrates seamlessly with most “blog” programs  and we believe it was created for use with WordPress specifically. Whether it will work with a non-blog website we have not investigated. However, most Internet marketers today have a blog somewhere on the Internet.

Fanpage Connect is for persons who have their own website, thereby having the means to host their own files. The program required that you install a “plugin” on your server. If you are using a hosted blog such as WordPress.com, you must check whether you have the ability to upload and install “plugins” to it. If not, Ignite may be your better choice.

The program is delivered via download and ready to install on your server. There are video instructions for all aspects of the installation process. They are clear and concise and we needed no further guidance so we never attempted to contact support and therefore, cannot comment on that aspect. The program originator appears to be the voice on the video as you will tell he is not a professional actor. Although the instruction is a bit “muddled” in parts,  it is sufficient to get you up and running quickly.

This program can be downloaded and registered without any financial cost. We would say free, but you will have to hand over your name and email address in the process. Then again, that is a small price to pay in this instance since you can opt-out of any continuing email notices without penalty if you choose.

Since you own the program, once registered, you can host all of the necessary files and create as many pages and tabs with it as you like. To see a working Fanpage using this software CLICK HERE then click on the EARN FAST CASH tab in the left margin.

If you decide to download, set-up and use this software program and need assistance feel free to contact us. Also, take a moment and complete the subscribe form in the upper right corner of this page. Your comments below are always welcome.

All The Best!

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Video Web Wizard

Video Web Wizard ImageVideo Web Wizard

Video Web Wizard is a great little program that allows you to covert almost any video into the FLV file format. The FLV is the file format is required if you want to upload your videos to YouTube and some other video hosting websites. Generally, only the very expensive video cameras offer to store or save files in the FLV standard.

Video Web Wizard will convert your existing videos with other file extensions into the FLV standard instantly. It allows the user full control over the output process. You have a choice of audio quality, play delay time, frame rate and more with regard to the output file.

Video Web Wizard is delivered with its own singular video player shell, but when you register the product there is an upload for an additional 8 skins. Amazingly, they are delivered at no additional charges and there is no up-sell provided when you register the product!

In performance, Video Web Wizard works as advertised. It will deliver a final FLV video in an amazingly short period of time. The conversion process is almost instant depending on the size of the original video file, and takes place without user intervention.

The output file in our testing process was a very high quality video file. In fact, we selected a higher than normal audio compression and it actually cleared up what was some horrible noise in the original file. The interface was simple and easy to understand and use. Tell the program the location of the file you want converted and the location of where it should place the converted files. Make some other adjustments in the interface with regard to how you want the final video to be presented, one click and that’s about it.

The documentation accompanying the program is simple, authoritative, written in plain English and easy to follow. The program touts its ability to create a singular web-page, fresh and new, that the user can upload to any server for delivery of the output video file on ones own website. Again, a few simple entries into the interface and the web-page is output along with the final converted FLV file.

Although the web-page itself is simple and would not serve a commercial use, it is sufficient for the average non-commercial user. The manual actually instructs the user on how to go about doing just that!

If we have any criticism of the package, it would be in the manner the manual handles and describes the web-page process. It makes it sound simple. Just upload the output files to a server. As we all know, nothing with regard to the Internet is actually simple! Copying and pasting as described in the manual just doesn’t work to expectation.

Although we had no difficulty in the upload process as described in the manual, once on the Internet, the player would not come alive to play our video. It took one of our expert programmers to figure the problem out and correct it.

That being said, Video Web Wizard turned out to be one of those software packages we would easily recommend. It’s intuitive, easy to understand and use and lives up to the advertising hype surrounding its release. It will easily covert a present video format to the FLV standard that is required for uploading a video to most video hosts (such as YouTube). In some instances it will improve audio within a video (although there is no mention of this in the advertising). It will create a web-page for delivery to your own hosting, but you will probably require some expert advice and help in making the uploaded page actually play your video.

A quick search through any search engine will return a myriad number of download sites offering this product at no cost – free! We were only able to find one site, during our search, that also offered you help and assistance if you required it. Unfortunately, that site offered the product at a small price.

If you are expert at coding or reading code and fully understand what is necessary to get video to work on the Internet, by all means go to one of the sites offering a free download.

On the other hand, if you are like most of us, a bit confused about such matters, we think you’d be wise and we would recommend you download from the site that offers full support for the product and pay the small fee requested!

That’s our opinion……What’s yours? Feel free to leave a comment about this post below and while you’re at it, go ahead and subscribe to this blog……it’s free!

All The Best!

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Home Based Business Myth | Internet Marketing

So you want a Home Based Business? | Internet Marketing

Before I get started with this article, if you are truly interested (or for that matter already involved) in Internet Marketing, go to the below and pick-up what is offered. Even if you don’t think you need it now, you will at some day soon. As usual, what I recommend comes at No Cost…No Strings…Free:

Click the graphic in the article, right margin or bottom of the page – Enjoy!

Really – A Home Based Business?

It is no secret, the economy is in turmoil. People, all over the world, are looking for alternative ways to make ends meet. In normal times one would just look for a second job. But with unemployment at an all time high, second jobs are just not that easy to find. Today, it’s not just “keeping up with the Joneses”, it’s more a matter of survival.

With things the way they are, more and more people are turning to the idea of starting their own business. Trouble meeting current bills, however, rules out the old-fashioned “let’s go find some cheap office space” idea. Instead, they are looking to start a business from home. On the face of it this makes sense since they are already paying for rent (or mortgage), electric, water, heat and other associated bills that would be incurred for an office outside the home. Most people are not looking to become next year’s champion of industry, just to make enough to keep up with their overheads and put food on the table for their families. Just to make some extra cash!

Currently, there are literally millions of people who find themselves in this position. With regular employment being scarce and more and more jobs drying up daily, many people are looking at the Internet as their last salvation. Already have a computer so why not put it to work without incurring additional overhead costs? Everyone’s heard the stories about the so-called “Gurus” who have made fortunes overnight from Internet Marketing. Why shouldn’t it be your turn to cash in on that action; if only for a small piece? Just enough to make ends meet until the economy stabilizes and the financial concerns you have today go away! Will that be tomorrow, the day after, next month or next year? No-one can truly answer that question, but if you can just get by until then – right?

Most of the people in this position are in for a big shock! Little known or publicized fact: “over 97% of the people who engage in work at home Internet Marketing programs fail miserably”. The main reason most fail is because they lack the knowledge to succeed! Of secondary concern is that they believe the “hype” promulgated by those same “Gurus”: to be successful at Internet Marketing takes “no effort”. “Plug this program into your PC and with just one click thousands could be yours”. The operational words of course are: “could be”!

Believing this hype, these individuals join a program, put a week or two of effort into it, push a lot more than one button, make little or no money in return and quit! In the interim, they recruit some family and friends, usually in a similar financial position, are unable to build upon that following and in the end find it is not enough to keep them motivated so they give up that program. Only to be sucked into another “get rich quick” with no effort, experience, or knowledge scheme. In some cases this cycle continues for some time before they become totally dismayed and finally give up for good.

Oh yes, their mentors have a proven program that will provide them all the help, assistance and knowledge they need to succeed. It’s so easy a child can be successful at this program. There are hundreds of other people waiting in line to join us. Get in before they do and get a jump on the cue. When others sign-up they’ll be placed under you in your down-line and you will earn from their efforts. Now that you have signed up free, here is an upgrade offer that is sure to make you even more successful than we told you before. Or, by upgrading now you are going to save a bundle later. This offer is only available now, it’s a One Time Offer! Upgrade your membership for only “xx.xx” dollars a month and instead of 30% on your sales and 5% on the sales of your down-line (that we are going to place under you with no work or effort on your part), you will earn 50% on your own sales and 10% on the sales of your down-line. That’s twice as much commission for no extra effort!

The sad part is that million of people all over the world believe this hype and pay out hard-earned and much-needed cash in response. As stated, it is proven, over 97% of those people will fail.

You see, most of them lack the knowledge necessary to generate an ongoing following which is vitally important to succeeding and getting their business off the ground. Do they realize that? Of course not! They are blinded by their need to generate cash to meet their current needs. It is easier to believe the hype than to use the common sense they were born with. After all, it’s possible to take a school qualified accountant with no knowledge of anything mechanical and instantly teach him, day one, to repair a car, isn’t it? Just hook-up these two wires, here and here, to any vehicle that needs repair and sit back while the machine you hooked it up to does all the work. Then get paid for your effort and expertise! Ridiculous!

That’s what these “Gurus” are saying and millions fall for that hype everyday making the “Gurus” richer and the intelligent yet unsuspecting, financially distressed public poorer. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is always one in a million that will succeed in pulling it off and make some decent money. Rest assured, the “Gurus” will use that person’s success to promote their hyped program even more. I’ll bet, in most of those success cases, if one looks into the persons background, they’ll find some prior business experience or training. Even if it is their continued failure at Internet Marketing. Because in failing one learns powerful lessons!

Internet Marketing is just like “brick and mortar” businesses. There are required ingredients that need to be in place and exist to breed success. Some ingredients are in the persona of the individual while others are set in stone requirements for a successful business venture. The ingredient required in the individual starts with hard work (not one click) and continues through attitude, tenacity, perseverance and a host of other personal qualities. If these are not present, just like in a brick and mortar business the person and business will fail. Would you pay over your money to set-up a coffee-house; rent, furnishings, electrical appliance, etc. then sit in your shop window expecting the world to come rushing in? Of course not! You would understand it will take all of your persona, and then some, to get that business off the ground. But at least, if you started-off knowing how to make the coffee you’d have a beginning.

Would-be Internet Marketers need this same beginning. Reliance upon the “Guru” or “mentor” for everything you need to be successful is fool-hearty. They will be busy selling their hype elsewhere, no doubt leaving you with written manuals, on-line tutorials and inexperienced support personnel to attend to your questions and needs. This done in order to meet their commitment to work with you every step of the way. Don’t be sucked in by these programs. Don’t let an over-enthusiastic friend, acquaintance or stranger for that matter suck you into the hype. Step back and use the common sense you were born with to evaluate what’s on offer.

As a general rule, if the offer consists of something you “must” act on today or you will lose some type of benefit (make less money, lose out on a down-line, etc.) you’d probably be better off taking a pass. If the offer were good enough to get your interest in the first place, why the immediacy? Why can’t you think about it over-night? Will the offer be any less genuine tomorrow? What annoys me most is the current One Time Offer trend found all over the Internet today. If they can offer it once, why not continuously? If the upgrade is beneficial, why can’t it wait until after you have made some money?

And, don’t be deceived by those included “bonuses” if you take advantage today, now! Most of them are outdated products that have been around for years (whether you have seen them or not) in their original containers and/or repackaged. In fact, after downloading some of them you will immediately be directed to a free upgraded version. Why not deliver the upgraded version in the first place? More than likely it’s because the older, outdated version has been sitting on their server for years and can be delivered very quickly and without much effort. Beware of many of the “Master Resale Rights” products offered. In like instance, many have been around for years and are currently being offered as “free” bonuses in most of the current promotions which negates their usefulness to you because you can not sell them. Why would someone pay you for something others are giving away free…all over town?

Remember also, most of the people that will enter that program are just like you. They are trying to find a way out of their financial distress. Like you they will become quickly dismayed and abandon the project. Like you, they’re not prepared to put in the effort required to succeed having swallowed the “one click is all it takes” mentality. The “Gurus” know that from the outset and that is why they are willing to place them under you instead of keeping them under their own wing. Besides, placing them under you relieves them of any responsibility for training. They are in your organization so training falls on you! Are you prepared for that?

If you want to endeavour into Internet Marketing you are best advised to first learn what it is all about. What is needed to be successful? Not just within your own persona, but the “engraved in stone” requirements. Once you understand what is necessary to be successful at Internet Marketing you may change your mind about entering it.

If you are prepared to put in many long, hard hours behind your PC, constantly recruiting, continuously looking for new customers, developing email and advertising campaigns, scouring for new products, learning website creation (some programming) and many other skills, then Internet Marketing may just be your cup of tea. But like anything else, Internet Marketing starts with education. Learning the ingredients necessary to be successful. Just because you own a PC and have access to the Internet will not make you a successful Internet Marketer and to believe it will, dooms you to be part of the 97% group.

You may be thinking “create a website”, but they said they would provide me with one and they would pay for the hosting. And they will. But answer this: “When is the last time someone gave you something for nothing”? Those sites are not made for you. They are made for the “Guru” offering them to you.

Each and every product listed on “your site” represents a potential affiliate income to the person providing you the site. In essence, every time your efforts get someone to the site who makes a purchase you get paid, but so does the person providing you the site.

That being the case, I would be willing to give you 100 sites today since I can host that many without any additional costs from my hosting company. You do all the work! You drive the traffic! You get me the sales. We’ll both make some money. You on each of the sites I gave you, but only if purchases are made. Me on your sites and the hundreds of other sites I will give away.

Since I own the site, should you drop out of the program, I have it back to give to someone else. And, have you ever noticed, you get a commission for any sales from the sites provided to you, but none of the details of the purchaser! The person who provided the site keeps them!

So, you do the advertising, instigate the flow of traffic to the sites, get a commission for any sale, while the site provider does no work, collects his share of the sale, delivers the product (usually electronically and automatically – no work except to set it up) and keeps the customer details to be able to market to them after you are long gone. Want a site like that? Contact me at any time I’d be happy to accommodate you!

You want to become an Internet Marketer? Start by learning what the business is all about. How it works. What is required to be successful. Then, and only then, if you wish to pursue that avenue, use that understanding to find a Home Based Business offer that meets your requirements, provides the ingredients necessary for your success, offers mentoring by knowledgeable professionals who will be available to you when needed and by all means promotes a worthwhile product.

Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in the hype! There is no magic bullet. You will not cure your financial problems using “one click” and there is no such thing as “easy”!


Free Internet Marketing Training. (Pre-requisite Basic Computer Skills)
Learn Internet Marketing
Computer Basics Training | Internet Marketing
Computer Basics | Internet Marketing

Helping People To……Help Themselves!

Ron Terre

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My Free Website Builder | Reviewed

My Free Website Builder

My free Website Builder is not a new product. At one time it sold for $197.00 (US). I would imagine it has reached market saturation at this point and is therefore being given away all over the internet. It can be found offered either as a direct “free” product, a bonus for upgrading another product purchase or as a bonus for upgrading on a membership site. Since you are required to hand-over your name and email address (personal assets), it really isn’t free at all. One might say it is “at no financial cost”, but not “free”. It can also be gotten directly from the internet just by doing a google search for the product by name. There also you will have to provide your “assets” before being able to download.

That being said, I have just finished downloading, installing and using the product on our test PC’s. After using it, I can see why it probably sold so well in its time. It is easy to use and will produce a relatively fine-looking webpage. While it is no match for the Macromedia product, it would hold its own against the likes of Microsoft’s Front Page. In fact, having used Front Page for a few years, it is probably easier to use and understand. The included user manual is mostly accurate and understandable. It would be a great product for someone just starting out on webpage design.

It is a HTML (hypertext language) editor. This simply means it is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) product. Make your computer screen look the way you want your page to appear and the program will write the code for you. There is no real need to know the HTML language. That is, unless you want to do some of the really fancy things found on web pages today. But, for a simple static (no movement) page, it will do a pretty good job.


1. It is “free”! This is one of the major advantages of this software. No investment as one starts the journey into web design.

2. It will work on both the Windows and the Mac platform.

3. There are over 100 built-in website templates available to use with this product. This will allow a novice web designer a head-start in design and save many a lot of time and trouble. They will just need to select one template, make some minor changes and their website will be created.

4. Another great feature is the built-in web publishing facility (which works with one click). This means you can publish your page(s) directly to your hosting account without the need for other FTP software.


1. The software caters and is more useful to the novice; people who are only “basic” website designers or people who have never made a website before.

2. It has none of the advanced features of the professional website building products.

While My Free Website Builder is much too basic for the professional designer, it remains a very good software product for people new to website design who want to have a “go” at creating their own web pages. It will allow those people to get a basic understanding of how to build a web page and turn pages into websites. Once this idea is understood, one will have a better knowledge of what software they may want or need in the future if they want some of the more advanced features available in paid-for products.


One of my female staff (who is a computer operator with no other computer experience) was able to create a webpage, using the user manual, only asking one (1) question before completing it. The page actually looked quite well for a first attempt. That being the case, I would have to highly recommend the product and feel it would be useful to the novice or slightly advanced in creating a webpage and website. Those with more experience will probably find the product a bit lacking as they would no-doubt want more of the “bells and whistles” available in paid-for products.

By comparison, Amazon lists an “old – Used – Acceptable” version of Microsoft Front Page at $129.99 (US). Amazon also lists an “Old – Used” version of Macromedia Dreamweaver at $187.85. That being the case, My Free Website Builder is a bargain for the person new to website design and even to those slightly advanced in the subject. It has the right price as stated in its name – “Free”!

It should be remembered, however, web design is more than just a product. One must start with a concept of what the purpose of the pages are intended to convey and piece together a working diagram of a finished product before setting out to use the software to create it. This last statement would be the greatest assistance to all would-be web designers who believe a website begins when one sits down at the computer to make it!

Don’t forget to leave your comments…they are welcome!

Until next week:

All The Best…

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Analyze Buzz Software | Reviewed

     Analyze Buzz Software | Reviewed

Before I get started, I’m going to ask a favour. Please take a moment and “subscribe” to this blog. Just click on the “subscription” button on your right…Thank You!

Analyze Buzz is a software package that you will only get from IM’s (Internet Marketers) during the course of your internet travels. You will find it offered in most of the “giveaway” programs that abound today. Not surprisingly, it can be found bundled as bonuses in One Time Offers (OTO’s) and other incentive projects to entice you into upgrading to a better product to a better product  than the one you have already purchased. Or, as added bonuses to an OTO for sites you have joined by handing over your name and email address. Yes, that was the cost of joining. So as you see, it wasn’t actually “free”!

Analyse Buzz is delivered with “Master Resale Rights” and “Giveaway Rights”. This product has been around for a long time. Its salability is all but lost by the fact that every marketer exercises their “Giveaway Rights”. So, only a “fool” would shell-out hard-earned cash for something they can acquire everywhere for “no out-of-pocket” cost! Consequently, the fact that you are provided “Master Resale Rights” becomes insignificant. Of course, you have the right to sell the product if you can find someone willing to pay for it. Good Luck!

The full Analyze Buzz product being offered also comes with a “free” mini-site. The mini-site package consists of two (2) “Squeeze Pages” (one with and one without video), a “Sales Page” (with video) and the product itself. Before we get into the good and bad, ups and downs of the product itself (the software), let’s first take a look at the mini-site on offer. One very good reason a lot of people would consider this product is the inclusion of the mini-site. Many have no HTML programming experience and the thought of designing and programming a web page is just too much for them to handle. This makes this offer seem very attractive – a product and a complete web site. All is designed and wrapped together in a single ready to go package.

I have opened this package, as I must to properly review and report on it, with the following comments:

The Marketing Tools:

On the up side:

1. The actual mini-website is very professionally designed.

2.The graphics are excellent.

3. The included video (yes only one) is also very professionally crafted. No doubt, at one point, when the product was actually being sold, an upmarket video was created. It is fully capable of delivering your desired result; a “sign-up”!

On the down side:

1. The “Sales Page” is of no use since the product is given away all over the internet. You won’t make much money trying to sell it!

2. While the mini-site is professionally put together, only the “Squeeze Pages” are of any value today. Additionally, each module is delivered in its own folder which indicates some work will be required to place it on a server in working order. To do so depends on one’s level of knowledge. Apparently, this is not a job for the internet “novice”. However, that being said, some hosting companies will assist clients with these tasks at no charge while others will have moderate charges for such services. With this, or some other kind of assistance, a “novice” would be able to get a website up and working fairly quickly.

3. “Squeeze Page 1” is beautifully constructed and the included video is excellent. However, the page is geared in the direction of someone who understands the “lingo” using phrases like: “Allinanchor”, “Inurl” and “Allintitle” in the copy. Surely someone who understands these terms will have the knowledge to craft their own mini-WebPages given the many easy ti learn and use tools available for such purposes. Additionally, the page requires the user to “insert opt-in form here”. Oh my; some HTML coding knowledge required after all. In essence, the page is probably not very useful to the internet marketing “novice”.

4. “Squeeze Page 2”, on the other hand, is not as beautiful (personal opinion) as its counterpart but contains as many if not more flaws. “Insert Your Software Name Here” is a phrase immediately above the product’s graphics box; yet the product name is clearly visible in the graphic. Then we have statements: “ask them to click on the payment button if you’re selling it” – “Insert your autoresponder code here or payment button” – “Insert your name here”! Again, this page is probably not very useful to the computer “novice”!

The package, however, could be useful to someone with a little internet marketing experience and some understanding of HTML coding. As stated, “Squeeze Page 1” is attractive with a very good quality video and with some tweaking would serve its purpose; getting the name and email address from persons interested in acquiring the software.

The mini-site part of the package is not geared to the “novice” internet marketer, but could be of value to the more advanced. Only half the package is of any useful value today! That being said, in the right hands, the half that is of value could prove useful. Also, remember, one needs their own “hosting” for the package to be of any value at all.

The Software:

I have installed and run the software – Analyze Buzz. Remarkably, it works!

Follow the directions in the included “.pdf” instruction file and your keyword entries yield a result. However, I have compared the results it reports against results reported using the “google adwords keyword tool” and the figures reported are quite different. In fact, the categories of reported results are different. For instance, the “google tool” reports “Global Monthly Searches” and “Local Monthly Searches” while the “analyze buzz tool” reports “Total Results” and other completely different categories. Amazingly, in the search for the keyword “Software”, the “google tool” indicates “Global Monthly Searches” as 68,000,000, but the “analyze buzz tool” indicates “Total Searches” as 1,590,000,000.

One of the reporting categories in the “analyze buzz tool” is “AllInTitle”. The number rendered for the keyword “ebook review” is 167,000. This would indicate there are 167,000 pages on the internet that use that keyword in the “title” of their page. Of course, this type of information is useful. But, the object of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to determine the competition for a given keyword. In essence, how many people type the keyword in their browser search box when looking for information. The number of pages available on the internet with the searched for keyword in their title is of no value in determining the popularity of the searched for keyword.

Analyze Buzz appears to be reporting results in areas the have little first line SEO importance. In fact, the reported results appear to be very similar to a secondary SEO keyword tool names SEOQuake. We call this a secondary tool because it allows us to gain more in-depth information about a tested keyword after having determined its popularity of use (the users search criteria). What we want to know in SEO is: how many people use the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN and others) using “X” as the keyword typed into the search box. That is where SEO analysis begins! Analyze Buzz just doesn’t provide that information!

SEO is the basis under which most marketers rely when planning keywords for their pages. It is said and believed that proper page optimization (as one of many factors) assists any page to reach higher positions in returned results from searches. Every marketer is looking to make it to position one (1) for their page(s) in the search engines. That, simply put, means that when a person types a given word in their browser’s search box, the marketers page will be the first listed in the results returned. Traffic to pages is believed to be determined by such position ranking. Obviously, if your page is constantly returned (appears on the first page of a search result), you (in theory) should get more visitor to your site. It is believed that most people conducting searches rarely look past the first two or three pages of the results returned. So, if your site is listed on page 5 of the returned results for a given keyword, fewer people will have the opportunity to see your offering and visit your site.

Given these beliefs (which have proven true over the years), who can rely on inaccurate information being returned by a tool which is supposed to assist one in making informed decisions with regard to selecting keywords for their pages. More importantly, a tool which provides information that is of very little assistance in selecting that all important keyword for a page.

The question: Is the information reported by Analyze Buzz the best information to use in selecting a keyword.?

I’m no SEO expert but have completed some study in the area. That being said, under no circumstance would I recommend reliance upon the Analyze Buzz tool when conducting SEO operations! It appears to be used by marketers as an attempt to trick you into thinking it will get you the search engine results you need and propel your pages to the top of the search engine rankings. Yes, it is easy to use. However the reported results are of little first line value to your intended purpose!

Yes, these marketers will provide you the tool at no out-of-pocket cost. Guess…what?

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is absolutely FREE! It is also recognized as the “authority” tool to use for keyword research. That’s right, absolutely free! You do not have to give your name or email address to use the tool and it is freely available on the internet. Use any browser to search for it – type google adwords keyword tool in the search box and from the returned results, select any page listed as originating at “google” (.com, .co, etc.) any you will be instantly taken to the tool. Use it to your heart’s content – FREE!

In Conclusion:

Analyze Buzz is a working piece of software but its reported results do not provide first line SEO information. The information it does report could be helpful as a secondary factor in keyword selection provided one has confidence in the accuracy of the results reported. The package that accompanies this software has its good and bad points as are identified above. The real problem exists in realizing: If the product is of little value to meet the hype of the writings in the package, why would one want to recommend the product in the fist place?

You can rest assured, not many of the marketers giving away this package have the program installed on their own computers and not many of them have ever used the product. They, as most of the world, rely on Google’s Adword Keyword Took to conduct their keyword analysis. Most are “affiliate” marketers who have picked up the product at one of those “Giveaway Programs” or as a “Bonus” when making a purchase or giving away their own names and email addresses to other marketers. Instead of testing and trying the software before putting their name to it, they offer it at “no out-of-pocket” cost using terminology like “free” in an attempt to entice you into turning over either your name and email address or your hard-earned cash!

For me, I have removed the software from my test PC and trashed its accompanying mini-site package. If you have installed the program on your computer I would recommend you follow a like course of action. If you have acquired it but not yet installed it, DON’T! If you intend to give it away, make sure it is to an enemy!

Stick to the industry “authority” toll – Google Adwords Keyword Tool and you will have your best chance of optimizing your pages!

We welcome and respect your comments on this review…contrary or not…

Please click on the “comments” button below to leave yours...

All The Best…Until Next Time…

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How To Spot The New Internet Marketing Scams

The purpose of this article is to provide an understanding of how internet marketing is being used today and how you can see through the bad stuff when you see it.

Last year there were countless amounts of products released and this year, in January alone, countless more. They’re introduced using “blind” sales letters that promise the reader they can merely “click their mouse” and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars will come their way. These letters, however, always fail to tell you “what you are purchasing”!

Although these scams have been going on for a long while, they have only become prevalent since the beginning of the big recession. Millions, all over the world, are caught in losing their employment, foreclosures on their homes, not being able to meet car payments and a hosts of other unpaid bills. In essence, loads of people find themselves in desperate need of extra cash. Cash that was part of their salaries before the recession. More and more, these people are now looking to the internet for salvation. However, most are new to internet marketing and desperate to learn the in’s and out’s. To acquire the information and tools to succeed. In contrast, it’s not only the “newbies” who get taken in. Many a seasoned marketer has been known to get stung by these scams as well. Why? Simply because the buyers of their merchandise believe the promises in a search for HOPE!

Here’s How These Scammers Operate:

Firstly, understand, these merchants cater to the negative emotions of their prey. Things like desperation and frustration! Their sales pitches are geared to offering the dream of a way out of personal depression and a relief from daily financial grief. They launch product after product (with little time between these launches) since none of their efforts are continuing or sustainable. They offer no personal instruction or seminars since they are too busy with the next product launch. Why is a singular launch effort not sustainable to them? Simply because their product (or system they sell) WILL NOT WORK!

The main effort of these merchants is to find out what you will fall for (buy) and then mastermind a sales process to get you on board. After their master plan is formulated, only then do they attempt to create a product to meet their own sales hype. It’s generally just some cleverly thought out piece of “junk” merchandise developed at little cost. In essence, a product designed to meet their already configured marketing plan with the view of “ripping you off”!

The “product” only has to be good-enough to avoid an avalanche of people demanding refunds. The fact is…they count on the proven fact that most buyers never attempt to use the product. To them, the hype and sales pitch come first with the actual product remaining secondary. They’re selling you a “pipe-dream”!

The product you actually purchase is a “teaser”. It’s designed to just get you started with the concepts, but insures you are unable to apply them. That is, unless you give-in and purchase their “up-sell” product(s). Oh yes, the original product is generally moderately priced…get the hooks in. You know, $27  to $47 or so, affordable to most. Then, of course, comes the up-sell. The original product is designed and priced to suck as many people as possible into this “up-sell”; “The Better Version”, “Comes With…”, “The Diamond Membership Gives You…”; but your original offer was the “Bees-Knees”, wasn’t it?

Yes, that’s the proverbial OTO (one Time Offer)…see my last post.

What You Need To Succeed Online:

In order to make money online you need two basic things: (1) a website and (2) traffic to your website. While it is possible to automate (get things to happen without your personal attention), I have not found to date ANY product able of combining both of these elements into a single “hands off” approach. In essence, no matter what someone might tell you, you are going to have to work at one of these elements. If not personally, then you need either partners or staff to help.

Oh yes, you can purchase a “ready-made” website. There is available traffic building software that will automatically assist in building you traffic. However, they are almost never capable of delivering 100% of what you will require to be successful at internet marketing. You are still going to have to put in some effort and do some work. On the other hand, if a program offers to take care of one of these elements, it can’t be all bad. After all, while you may have to do some work, some of it will be completed by the program. You should know, there are some very good programs available that can assist you (cutting down the required time and effort you may have to put in – or at a minimum, making your tasks quite a bit easier). The reality is: there is no singular program, piece of software, or other “magic wand” available today that can or will accomplish both!

Simply put…Botton Line:

Beware of anyone who purports “Everything Is Automated”, “It Will Work With The Simple Click Of A Mouse”! That system DOES NOT EXIST and should it, IT DOES NOT WORK!

How can you tell and weed-out these scam operations?

Read the sales copy – generally it is completely blind. It never tells you what the product really is (what you are buying). It will probably tell you everything the product is not. It will most likely let you know all the thing you don’t have to do personally without mentioning all the things you must do personally. It’s a piece of software, but miraculously, there are only “XX” copies available. (Note: Ever made a CD? You are copying the program from your hard drive [or other media] to your CD/DVD drive on your computer. Most copy software asks, when it completes the copy, “do you want to make another copy”. So, where is the scarcity in the availability of the program on offer?)

Another telltale pointer to a scammer is to see the same marketer launching product after product, month after month. Imagine the time, not to mention expense, involved in creating a product, testing it, developing a sales campaign, etc. If product number one worked, why would a marketer have to do this. They would live very happily, for a while at least, on the back of their successful product: number one. Hey, there’s money in sales seminars (teaching people how to use their product in all the varying market niches), setting up affiliate programs allowing others to sell to the millions of people they can’t reach. So, why another product launch?

Another sign is available if a marketer offers income proof. Line after line or screen after screen of his clickbank or paypal account. Ask yourself this: “When is the last time Donald Trump or any other real millionaire offered you a look at their income statement?” Or better yet: “When is the last time your boss offered you a look at their paycheck?” It just isn’t done! Income is private for most of us. So, what’s this tactic all about (and mind you I’m not saying those earnings are all made up)? The tactic is playing on your frustration. If I can do it…you can too! Some will even say: “I’ll show you how”! So, your circumstances are identical, your education is the same, your internet knowledge is comparable, etc…right?

So what should you look for?

The sales copy should inform you as to exactly what you are buying. What do you get for your money? It should specify and give details of the various components you will receive and give detailed explanations of what each is, as well as, what it is for. It should tell you what you don’t have to do, but it should also explain what you DO have to do.

Here’s a golden rule: ““If the sales copy doesn’t identify exactly what you are buying – run away fast!”

I’ll Just Stop Buying From The Internet!

Now, that’s the other side of stupid! You will need the knowledge (gotten from the information in reputable eBooks), tools (many of which can only be purchased over the internet), experience (accumulated from seminars or webinars) and many other assets to be successful as an internet marketer. I’m not saying you should stop buying from the internet. I’m simple making you aware that many of the internet marketers around today, in this new generation, are nothing more than scam artists out to get your dollars in their pockets. They do not care if you can or can’t afford it. They offer no assistance, empathy or compassion. This article should provide you some enlightenment in weeding out their offers. The best way to teach them a lesson is to: “Stop Buying Their Stuff”!

OK! That’s it! It’s getting late and I have rattled on enough. All without mentioning selling you anything! Don’t worry, that’s not what this blog is about! But, you can do us a favour. Please post your comments below. We do want to know what you think!

The first actual review of a “Free Software” product will be out later this week. So, come back often and don’t be afraid to leave your comments!


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Welcome to Free Software Reviewed. This blog is meant for the millions of people who acquire a piece of “free” Software offered on the internet. It is also for those persons looking to acquire  a piece of “free” Software from the internet. Here we will review the Software’s usability and intent and report on its delivery and usefulness.

Setting up and using software, or any other materials for that matter, can be quite time-consuming. Why waste your time downloading free software, reading through the instructions (which for the most part can not be understood by most), attempting to install the program and use it when in the end it turns out to be: (1) not what you really needed or expected; and (2) just doesn’t work?

First you need to understand: “The the software offered Is Not Free“!

It may be at no financial cost, but it is NOT free! Before you can get your hands on that desired material you will, no doubt, be required to hand over your Name and your eMail Address. These are precious commodities and every internet marketer wants to get their hands on them. Why? So they can bombard you with constantly flowing email offers that crowd your inbox and wear at your patience. I have an email address that I hadn’t used for almost 4 years. When I decided to start using it again (about 2 months ago), I found I had over 50,000 emails piled up in there. Over the years, email marketers have continued to send me offers. Although I never responded to any, apparently the emails kept on flowing. I finally managed to empty that box, yet I  still receive (from the same marketers) over 200 emails daily. One would think by now they would have purged their email systems of non-responders!

You should also know about the “OTO’s” (One Time Offers)! These seem to be abundant  today. Some even have secondary OTO’s…that is…if you try to move on past the first OTO another page appears offering you the same OTO (identical) at a fraction of the cost of the first OTO. Apparently these tactics work or why would marketers continue them? And most of the OTO’s say something like…”Purchase This and Get All These Items Free”! What are the items? Free eBooks or free software products! Think about this. If you are given 5 software products, free for your purchase, when would you have the time to implement them? Do you really need the software on offer? Will it work? How much time will it take you to understand how to use the software? If you are given 20 eBooks free for your purchase when will you have time to read them? Mostly, these items will just take up space on your hard drive until one day you dispose of them! So…Why were they so valuable in the first place?

Why am I qualified to present these reviews? I’m not going to write here what is said somewhere else…so if you want the answer to that question…wander on over to my “about me” page. Needless to say, what I am proposing to accomplish with this blog is to save many of you the aggravation associated with acquiring these items if they are not what you are looking for. Additionally, we will report on the completeness of the information presented and provide resources that may fill the gap left by most of these materials.

For instance…I recently downloaded a piece of “Free Software”. The advertised purpose of the program was to install a widget that would present “affiliate links” on my WordPress Blog. I read through all of the instruction materials, finding them quite difficult to follow  even with my computer savvy, and once working (about 5 hours later) decided to have a go at installing that ability on my blog. Problem, there were no instructions received for “How To Do That”!

So, like any reputable person would do, I contacted WordPress Support to get instructions. Low and behold, WordPress doesn’t allow that type of program to be installed on a Free WordPress Site (xxxx.wordpress.com). If I want that functionality, I will have to use the WordPress.org site, pay for independent hosting, etc. Funny, no mention of that in the instructions received or in the advert for the “Free Software”!

Now don’t be deceived…I do NOT pretend to be a Guru…nor have I made a million dollars doing internet marketing, and I certainly won’t make that kind of money doing a  free blog. But then…it was never my intention to become an internet millionaire! I have had some sites online and they have done very well. I do have computer experience and marketing know-how. This blog will utilize those experiences to report on the products marketers are offering you at “no Cost” (NOT Free) and their usefulness. You decide whether or not to pursue acquiring them!

In addition, should the software reviewed leave out the important stuff (the where – how & what to’s), we will try to provide you with those left-out resources. The first software review is currently in process and a report should be posted here about findings within the next week. Readers are free to submit reviews if they want to take the time to write them. Requests for reviews will be accepted and acted on as time permits.

Please use this Contact Form to submit requests:

You will be contacted by email with my email address. Be Prepared to attach and forward any product to be reviewed.

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